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Bringing mind, body and spirit together in yourself for all round well being.

Building healthy relationships

“Intention is the creative power that fulfils our dreams. An intention is an inner impulse, which is focused in a particular direction and contains within it the seed of that which you seek to create. Just like real seeds, intentions can grow or perish according to the richness of the soil and the attention they receive.”

- Andrew Wallas




Circus skills

One of the most important aspects of relationship building is the ability to play and enjoy together, circus skills make the perfect introduction to obtaining the personality to obtain fun loving relationships. I use juggling and hula hoop to help one connect to their body and bring the mind into sync with playfulness. Hand eye co-ordination helps with everything we do. Balance, necessary for either of these skills, helps with everything.



With experience in Swedish and Japanese/Chinese massage, I teach a person to remove stress and built up tension from the body, it is simple to do and confidence is key, hands on experience with me can help bring you the confidence to try with a loved one. 



I am a qualified and experienced yoga teacher, training in India in 2015, I bring both the practice of centring the mind and spirit in the body with postures, and the philosophy of positive and negative electromagnetic forces that interplay through the human organism into my sessions, for full internal comprehension of - that is incorporation of - what life can be when you feel wholly healthy.


Diet & Nutrition

Getting your 5 a day! I will motivate you to enjoy fruit and vegetables, some of the healthiest flavours can be bitter or tart, our food has been engineered to taste too sweet in my opinion! With supplies from my bag, I will help you find the taste


Theta healing

All of our subconscious is belief. We grow up learning rules from the culture we are born in to, these form a base for how we talk, make decisions and generally act through our lives. I am a qualified and experienced Theta Healer, learning this meditative technique for belief reprogramming. Discontentment with aspects of our lives can be easily rectified by trusting in the Creator of all that is and allowing me to transform your beliefs before your eyes!  


I love the way the modern world caters for all different kinds of people, however, I want to offer my services to people from all backgrounds, so I can bring the people closer together, by creating an awareness of interclass resistance, learning to laugh with and praise our glorious individual characteristics, to slowly build a sense of oneness in the community. Therefore my prices are staggered. For lower rate earners there will be a low cost, for middle income earners a medium rate and for high income earners a more pricey rate, this way I can tailor my sessions to suit the different standards and personality that people are used to - I am malleable and my background has had me mixing with millionaires and people on the street. Therefore you pay for what you get, I adapt to suit where you are.  



I grew up in a little town called Seaford near the Seven Sisters on the South Coast of England. I have always been a family and friends orientated person, though I have travelled the world and made long lasting connections in several different countries. I am an English language teacher and speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese and French to a beginner level. I am passionate about bringing the world together. Through the boundaries that separate us, I want to build bridges, this starts at home with the differences we have in families and among communities.


Learn to attend to your own community's differences and bring the world further to peace.

Building collaboration instead of competition.

I grew up with a permaculture forest garden that my mother lovingly tended to, from that forest I learnt how to respect nature. Based on natural ecosystems and the way they work together, permaculture design can be transferred into the way we design our life systems - multi-layered and always productive. Like this I live.






Tel: 0044 7725734315



Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 4pm


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